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Monday, July 22, 2019 
Asian Pacific World War II Atrocities Memorial, Inc.
Board Meetings/Meetings
Board Meeting
Event Subtitle:Discuss WWII History Workshop in June, 2013
Event Date:Saturday, March 16, 2013 ~ Saturday, March 16, 2013
Time:10:00 Am
Location:N. Potomac
Event Speaker:Helen, Ping, Jean, David, Dirk, Stephanie, Jeff, Cou-Wei, Bruce, Victor
Contact Info:Victor

[Meeting Minutes]

Dear Board Directors:
    Thanks for your participation of the March 16 Board Meeting at Victor and Emily's home.
    Our main discussion was focused on the forthcoming History Teacher Workshop in June.
    Following is my recollection of our consensus. Please correct me if I am wrong or forget about certain points.
    Workshop Title: WWII in the Pacific Theater through Primary Sources
    Speaking Agenda suggested - four separate sessions:
(1) Provide general history background information on the WWII in the Pacific Theater. How was the Japanese invasion of pacific region started? What's the economic motivation on the war? Describe briefly the major Allied offensive to defeat the Japanese army. Connect to the media exposure of the war ("Pacific" TV Series, and various movies)
(2) Describe some major events, such as Nanjing Massacre, Bataan Death March, Troop 731 Human Experiment, Comfort Women, pacific island hopping counter attacks, etc. Describe how American led allied forces linked up with southeastern Asian nations in fighting against the Japanese with events such as Flying Tiger, General Doolittle's Bombing Raid of Tokyo.
(3) Invite media people such as writers and journalists to report on current status and impact of such historical events
(4) The use of Teaching Guide in preparing an outline of the curriculum for attending teachers.
Suggested speakers and session moderators.
(1) Stephanie will be the overall workshop manager/moderator. She shall introduce the speakers for each session.
(2) Session one - Profession Richard Chu and "lady who spoke at our last workshop.",
(3) Session two - Professor OK Cho on Comfort Women, Warren Hegg on "Spirit of '45" Flying Tigers...
(4) Session three - Mr. John Zhang - TV Reporter from Taiwan's TVBS Network, Mr. Norman Fu - a well-known journalist/writer of current world events.
(5) Session Four - Conclusion by Stephanie on the use of Teaching Guide.
OK, folks, this is all I can remember. Please review/comment/modify the above outline as you see fit. Some of you have the assignment to invite certain speakers. Let's do it before end of March.
Uncle Jeff
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